Dr. Diane Hahn is a psychologist you can trust.

Psychotherapy and life coaching can redefine your self direction. You can achieve a better quality of life and find ways to be more creative, have more energy and determine the path to achieving your goals. You can gain emotional strength and find more calming peace.

Diane Hahn, Ph.D., will assist you in finding relief from symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression, and general angst. You will learn that your private thoughts are not so “crazy.” Together we will unravel why any dysfunctional relational patterns served an emotional function that you may be ready to outgrow. She can show you how to have the full blessings of marriage and how to overcome your past. Dr. Hahn  is someone you can talk to when there is no one else. She will provide a neutral and caring response. “You matter to me and all your troubles and private thoughts are welcomed.”  You will be treated with compassion, warmth and respect. De-shaming is what I do best. “

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